Childe’s Feature Film Division explores the most pressing questions of our generation, leaving behind a trail of narratives for those who come after. Childe combines the power of a good story with practical outlets of response - engaging & leading an audience in self-reflection & real-world change. The Company speaks directly to the growing audience of todays’ both “conscious consumers” and familial-minded audiences representing over 2 billion consumers who have an appetite for media engaging in moral and social issues with hopeful participation. Through global networks of traditional & digital distribution, Childe aligns itself with the most influential corporate companies & NGO’s already engaging in efforts to better themselves, their communities & the world. 


T H E T W O - H E A R T E D


Childe’s premiere feature film, The Two-Hearted, explores the complexity of love of country and love of neighbor.  Production begins October 2019; release is set for September 2020.

Filmed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, The Two-Hearted follows the story of a teenager named Jimmy Lindholm. Jimmy is a slow - witted, adopted son of an American logger and fisherman, who falls in love with Sofia Gutierrez, the daughter of a Latino refugee family recently moving into Jimmy’s small, Michigan, boundary-water town. As it comes to light that the newcomers are undocumented, asylum seekers illegally fleeing their persecuted past, Jimmy’s northern border town becomes unhinged. The local church takes in the family for safety and Jimmy gets lost in the complexity of love of one’s country and love of one’s neighbor as the federal enforcement closes in.

PARTNERSHIPS: Childe is actively seeking partnership NGO’s & for profit enterprises engaging in refugee resettlement collaborations in the United States as proceeds from the film will be allocated to related efforts.